Cleenol-alcohol-free-foaming -hand-sanitiserCleenol-alcohol-free-foaming -hand-sanitiser

Halal Approved Alcohol Free foaming hand sanitiser 120x6x500ml


120x6x500ml Alcohol free Halal Approved foaming hand sanitiser equivalent too £2.49 per 500ml



120x6x500ml Halal Approved foaming hand saitiser

An odourless non-tainting skin sanitizer designed for frequent use. Ideal for use in clinics, hospitals, on entering food production areas or before handling food.

This product is formulated using predominantly vegetable derived bactericides and foaming agents and is a mixture of effective biocides, which quickly eliminate unwanted bacteria on the skin.

Complies with the European Suspension Test BSEN1276 after 5 minutes and BSEN1500.

Conforms to EN14476:2013+A2:2019 killing 99.99% enveloped viruses with a 2 minute contact time.

Does not contain Triclosan.

Not to be used as a replacement for washing of hands with hot water with an appropriate antibacterial hand soap.

Certified as Halal by the Halal Monitoring Committee.


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